Venice- the big guns

Our second day in Venice (technically Mirano) started with grey skies and rain. Since we had been traveling three weeks at this point we took a day off. We were going to trip to nearby Padova, but decided to spend a lazy day reading at our hotel. In the afternoon it cleared up nicely so we ventured out into Mirano which is a beautiful small town with lots of rivers and old buildings. Even though we didn’t do too much we had a great time taking a bit of a break on a crisp fall day.

The following day it was beautiful again and we left for Venice first thing. When we got there Chris realized he had forgot the map in his other pants so we were left to navigate ourselves. Knowing how confusing the streets were we kept one single goal in mind for the day- Make it to Piazza San Marco. Luckily, there were signs pointing lost tourists in the right direction all over. It took about an hour to walk there taking our time. As I mentioned before the streets are so narrow so you have no clue the scale of the thing you’re about to see so imagine my surprise when we squeezed through an alley where the sun doesn’t shine and there is only room for two people side by side and emerged to see the Piazza. It was stunning to say the least. St. Mark’s Basilica, San Basso Church, Clock tower, Procuratie and various other equally impressive buildings cover all sides of the Piazza. We went into St. Mark’s and managed to snap a few shots of the interior, and walked around but there were so many people that we didn’t spend too much time in the square.

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After the piazza we wandered the streets some more looking at handmade Venetian masks and Murano glass both of which Venice is famous for and lazily making our way back to our starting point stopping on the way for hazelnut gelato and 1.50 pizza slices. I never thought I would make it to Venice and I’m so glad I did, though if you are planning a trip to Italy I would suggest a day trip to Venice, unless you want to go to all of the museums and churches. You can see everything in a day and it is quite expensive there.


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I’m Ariane, I’m a graphic designer living in Toronto Ontario. I went to the University of Western Ontario and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Media Studies, and a diploma in Multimedia Design and Production. I started this blog with Chris to share and record our adventures.
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2 Responses to Venice- the big guns

  1. Karen says:

    I think Venice is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Europe. There are many treasures in the small back streets.

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