Venice- a maze built on water

After one whole day in Milan we were pretty tired, so on train to Venice we got in some pretty great naps. We arrived to Venice feeling refreshed. Not wanting to waste time, we left our luggage at the train station because in order to afford staying in Venice, you can’t actually stay in Venice. We found an amazing hotel on expedia for $64 Canadian a night versus hostels that charge about 40 euros per person and it was about a 40 minute bus ride away in Mirano.

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Our first order of business in Venice was buying a map because we quickly realized it would be difficult to navigate through tiny passageways, winding streets, and bridges leading to places. It ended up being a great decision, even though we still got a little lost once in a while, but hey, that’s all part of the experience.

Venice was interesting because unlike most places we have been, all of the really impressive things are hidden. You sort of stumble upon them. You can be walking through a dark alley at one moment, and the next you’re standing in a piazza with some of the most impressive buildings you’ve ever seen (see above). This also made it extremely difficult to photograph because of the lack of space. Regardless, the canals, bridges, and buildings were fun to explore, and we have another day in Venice yet to show you this week.


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I’m Ariane, I’m a graphic designer living in Toronto Ontario. I went to the University of Western Ontario and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Media Studies, and a diploma in Multimedia Design and Production. I started this blog with Chris to share and record our adventures.
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