A Day in Milan

Traveling in Milan was the beginning of our whirlwind tour of Italy that was fueled mostly by pizza, espresso, and the notion that if we could just keep moving south we would miss winter entirely.

Milan is four hours from Nice and the train ride was populated with many stops along the way. Milan is known for it’s fashion and financial prowess but it also has many historical buildings and a well kept old town.

We were there for two nights, and only really had one full day to see the city, but it turned out to be enough and after a full day of walking we had seen most of the notable areas of the downtown.

The best part of Milan by far was the Duomo, a massive late-Gothic cathedral in the very center of town. Construction on the Duomo started in 1386 and was finished in 1965 putting the total time spent in construction somewhere around 600 years. There are hundreds of spires at the top of the cathedral and its surface is completely covered in decorative masonry. Looking at it made my head sticky with just how long it took to get everything where it is today. It’s like each new architect that took the job when the last one died just kept saying “more”.

Very near the cathedral is an old galleria that has some equally impressive views, with a steel-frame and glass ceiling that creates a kind of “inside that looks like outside” atmosphere, where it swallows the light from the outside and seems to trap it inside.

We walked from the Duomo area to the nearest park where we had lunch and dodged the midday heat, and then traveled to another older part of the city that had parks with several cathedrals in the area but none that were 600 years old.

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That night we had pizza and went to bed happy to have seen all that we had, and excited for the next stop on our sprint through Italy.

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  1. Mark Degner says:

    Love the architecture!

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