Nice, no puns allowed

After Lyon we headed to Nice for a much needed tropical vacation. Neither Chris or I really got a chance to relax this summer with lots of work, saving for our trip, and nowhere to really go it didn’t leave much time for weekends on a lake or swimming and sun. Even though we were in Nice for five days we don’t have many pictures so I am going to cover it all in one post (I hope you are ready to read).
When looking into it, we found places in Nice to be expensive and a little far so we stayed at a hostel in Nice which was a converted monastery which had very beautiful gardens, great food, and friendly people. On the first day we ventured downtown to the fruit and flower market, which happens everyday and is the biggest in Europe. Following that we headed into the streets of Old Nice which are cobblestone and full of tiny little shops towards a hill with a Chateau at the top which promised an excellent view.  There isn’t too much to see in Nice itself so this only took the morning and the afternoon was left for the beautiful beaches of Ville Franche.
We spent the following day in Monaco which is about an hour away by bus. Monaco is probably the richest country in the world, all the houses were excessive, massive yachts in the harbor, and they really like ferraris.  We were both fairly exhausted, at hostels activity ends late and starts early so we hadn’t had much sleep. Consequently we spent much of the day on the beach reading and soaking.

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The third day in the morning we wanted to go scuba diving but the previous day they told us to get up and come to reception for 8, and they would register us an we would make it to the port, but when we did this the morning staff told us we would never make it. So we went back to bed for an hour, got up and went to the Nice beach for tubing and para-sailing on the ocean, leaving the scuba diving for our last day. The tubing was very rough but lots of fun, and the para-sailing gave us a most incredible view of Nice. That afternoon we took a trip to Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. I had set up an appointment for a make your own perfume workshop which was at a place called Gallimard. When I looked it up online the website told me it was right downtown, fairly near where the buses came in. When we got to Grasse, we discovered there were actually 3 locations, quite spread out and it was unclear which one I needed to be at. We tried to get on to a bus to where we thought it was but the bus driver told us we should walk, it was close. Forty minutes later we arrived at the location, 20 minutes past the appointment time and it was the wrong location. So we ended up just doing a tour which was kind of interesting, but also very much a long sales pitch. Grasse itself was beautiful and old so it was a nice day all in all.
Scuba diving in Nice was incredible. We got up early and made it downtown. We got on a boat full of old men, a couple from Las Vegas, and a woman from Montreal who moved to France years before. Because it was our first time we had to stay on the boat while they got to explore. We were given very specific instructions as what would happen, how deep we would go, what we were to do, how to breathe, etc. We submerged slowly and were to do nothing. They would carry us around we just had to look around. The ocean was quite beautiful, we saw several fish and corals. Unfortunately we do not have pictures, but next time I go scuba diving, hopefully we will be able to move ourselves, and maybe get an underwater camera for the experience.


About arianeelyse

I’m Ariane, I’m a graphic designer living in Toronto Ontario. I went to the University of Western Ontario and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Media Studies, and a diploma in Multimedia Design and Production. I started this blog with Chris to share and record our adventures.
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2 Responses to Nice, no puns allowed

  1. Mark Degner says:

    Love your blog! I’m so happy for both of you – para sailing, tubing, and scuba diving! Thinking about you,

  2. Tara Athar says:

    sooo glad you made it into Monaco! I have to do that next time and see all the big yachts. Also glad you went to Villefranche and enjoyed the (pebbly) beaches! It’s fun looking at your photos and seeing the places that I was just at

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