Leaving Lyon

Lyon is built around two large hills which we climbed to the top of on the third day. There is a large church on the peak which is surrounded by a cliff-side garden and an ancient roman amphitheater.

The inside of the church was decorated beyond anything either of us had seen. There, every surface was outlined in magnificent stonework and golden mosaics. We spent a long time inside simply, and once again, looking up.

Behind the church was a viewpoint that looked out upon the entire city and we walked through the gardens below which were steep to climb but easy on the eyes.

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The day was hot but we enjoyed out time on up in the mountains. The ancient roman amphitheater was our last stop before we descended back into the city and they were set up in a way to continue to host performances.

Our last day in Lyon was spent with relaxing walks in the afternoon and we made preparations to head off to Nice the next day. Staying in Lyon was like taking an extra long weekend; we could have done the same amount of things in a few less days, but it was the pace at which we did them that I very much enjoyed.

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