Village on a Hill

We visited Montmarte on our last full day in Paris, a small part of Paris at the top of a hill just north of downtown.

Although part of the greater metropolis, Montmarte still manages to retain its original small town feel, and we enjoyed the various shops and short distances from place to place. Other days we spent in Paris were full of walking, but Montmarte felt like we took a break from the intense speed of the rest of the city, and we were free to enjoy everything the French way of life has to offer: great wine, fresh baguette and adventurous but delicious cheeses.

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We were headed to Lyon the day after Montmarte, but before we left the city, we went to St. Ouen, a suburb which holds the famous Parisian flea market (marché aux puces), where there are several tiny shops with all kinds of vintage prints, furniture, clothing and perfumes. We could have spent a whole day just there.  Each shop had its own personality and unique set of goods, it was difficult to decide what to leave with.

Paris as a whole was a whirlwind trip and one that feels a little bit like a dream when I think back on it. I mean, I’m still trying to get over the size of the Louvre, and I didn’t even go in it.

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2 Responses to Village on a Hill

  1. Martha Krueger says:

    What a fabulous blog Ariane, and I’m so impressed with your photos and the fabulous things you’ve seen/done. o.k. I’m jealous, but I’m happy for you too!

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