What I forgot to mention

Last post I talked about our first two days in Reykjavik. I made a mistake though, I forgot to include the second night. So the second day after having explored Reykjavik we felt like continuing the Icelandic experience. So naturally we put on some Icelandic sweaters (everyone really does wear them there) and dance (because that’s really what they do there). After dancing we decided to take some portraits to remind us of our sweaters that we could not actually afford but were in our rented apartment. Here’s a little video I made to show you our fun.

After that we were feeling especially giddy and decided you know what? Maybe it’s a really good idea to try some Icelandic cuisine! So we walked down to the bus station for the most popular Svið in town.  I also tried it (mom, I know you’re so impressed right now) but as I was holding the camera there isn’t any proof.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall it wasn’t bad, it just tasted like fatty lamb. It’s more the concept that was unappetizing.


About arianeelyse

I’m Ariane, I’m a graphic designer living in Toronto Ontario. I went to the University of Western Ontario and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Media Studies, and a diploma in Multimedia Design and Production. I started this blog with Chris to share and record our adventures.
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2 Responses to What I forgot to mention

  1. Tara Athar says:

    THAT VIDEO IS AMAZING!!! Best part is that they were not our sweaters.

    And you wore yours out to the bar and quite possibly saw the real owner of that sweater. (Really hoping Johann is not following your blog…but if he is, thanks for the sweaters Johann)

    Also, I have photographic proof of you eating Svio aka LAMB FACE. Don’t worry, I’ll send it to mom.

  2. Mark Degner says:

    Love the video! How do you do that? Sweaters remind me of something my grandma made me wear – that was 40 years ago. How does it feel connecting with the old generation?

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